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In Central New York, maintaining a comfortable environment is crucial for both homes and offices. But without proper insulation, you're likely losing valuable heat or cool air, leading to higher energy bills and strain on your HVAC system. Enter spray foam insulation – the ultimate solution for sealing in comfort and slashing energy costs. At Highbridge Spray Foam, we're seasoned experts in the field, ready to tackle any questions and provide top-notch service. Don't let inefficient insulation drain your wallet. Contact us today and start saving on your energy bill!

From the people
From the people
10/10 would use again. Best service in town.
— - Alyssa T.
From the people
The crew was awesome. Attic spray foam done right. Good price. Good results. Good experience. They'll get the call for my room addition too!
— Bill F.
From the people
High bridge Spray Foam really pays attention to detail and produce high quality work. I would recommend them highly to anyone.
— Kourtney S.

Where can spray foam insulation be used in the home?


Attics play a significant role in heat transfer within a property. Insulating your attic with spray foam helps to retain warmth during winter by preventing hot air from escaping through the roof and stopping cold air from entering. Similarly, in summer, it prevents hot air from infiltrating and keeps cool air from escaping, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.


Applying spray foam insulation to your exterior walls establishes the mentioned air and moisture barriers, stopping water from seeping through cracks during severe weather conditions, and fortifying the structural stability of your entire home.


Insulating your basement with spray foam offers a multitude of benefits. By creating a seamless barrier, it helps to regulate temperature, prevent moisture infiltration, and enhance the overall comfort of your home. Additionally, spray foam insulation reinforces the structural integrity of your basement, providing long-lasting protection against potential damage.


When insulating interior walls with spray foam prior to drywall installation, you not only prevent heat loss between rooms of varying temperatures but also create an effective barrier against noise transmission. This is particularly beneficial for modern homes with thinner walls, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable living environment.

We Care About Your Comfort

Highbridge Spray Foam is a local business proud to serve clients throughout Central New York. We understand our customers' concerns, expectations, and desire for quality work at a fair price. We firmly believe in giving our absolute best in all our projects and take pride in leaving your home or business better than when we arrived.